Frita Wall Tiles has built a reputation for delivering high-end products. A systematic and comprehensive Quality Management System compatible with global standards ISO 9001:2008 & 14001:2004 certified by KPMG is followed at all stages to ensure high quality end result. Online quality control of our manufacturing from SACMI of Italy ensures that all the products go beyond being just good but exceeds customer expectations.

Frita Ceramic is touching new heights within a short span of time due to the Quality assurance of the company.

With ongoing trainig, R & D and human resource development, the company continuously striving to bring international quality consistently, surpassing itself and always reaching a peak higher.

Frita Ceramic Tiles, a leadership edge in the industry through technological superiority-the-state-of-art machinery at our plant.

We are well equipped with the world's best machinaries and an automation system in the plant to give international quality products.